Thursday, March 27, 2008

Eluma Beta Released

After a few minor delays, Eluma has finally opened itself up for private beta testing of version 2.0.

In the official Eluma blog, Richard Buck, Eluma CEO, summarizes Eluma 2.0 well.

In Eluma, we're combining folder and tag based organization techniques and intelligent "smartlists," with sharing, with community interaction, and with "social search." Some people will want to keep their stuff completely private, and that's cool. We are strong proponents of keeping private stuff private. Eluma is a great tool to help those folks stay organized. Some people will want to share what they're organizing in Eluma with their friends, or with team members at work. Eluma is great for that, too. And some other people will want to take advantage of the new techniques around social search to find new information that they won't easily find on Google. And we think Eluma is great for that, too.

I have several beta downloads to give away if anyone is interested.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thanks - I just downloaded it and will check it out.

I am always looking for better GTD tools - this looks cool.