Thursday, March 01, 2007

Portable PC

Recently, I started a new Job at Eluma. When they asked me if I wanted a PC or a laptop, I had to make the difficult decision between power and portability. Now, I know I could design a laptop with enough power to spank your average PC but that's not the kind of laptop they were willing to purchase, so I chose the PC (with two Dell 19 inch LCDs). Eluma has a very liberal work from home policy so it was important that I be able to access my work PC from home. VPN and remote desktop are options but on snowy days when everyone works from home, those channels can get pretty clogged. So, I took the advice of my new boss to use a product called MojoPac to take my work applications with me.

MojoPac installs on a USB drive and allows you to install your windows apps on the MojoPac device and carry them with you. Once your apps are installed, you can take the device to any Windows PC, plug in the device, launch MojoPac (autoruns) and your MojoPac desktop is available with all of your apps waiting.

Secure. Running MojoPac on a PC leaves no traces on the host machine. All program settings, preferences, and files are written to the MojoPac and nothing is put onto the host machine.

Gamer. If you are a gamer, you can install your massive games onto the MojoPac and take them to any Windows PC without having to reinstall. Games like World of Warcraft, Battlefield 2142, Command and Conquer, etc. all have 1+ GB installs not to mention critical game patches that have to be installed before one can play online. Playing one of these games on a friend's PC is not a quick process unless you have MojoPac.

Professional. Taking applications and working files back and forth is invaluable. Most EULAs for business software allow the application to be installed on more than one PC as long as they are used by the same person.

Student. Pretty obvious at this point.

I have almost finished my MojoPac 30 day trial and am faced with purchasing. I have only found one application that does not install on the MojoPac and that is Visual Studio 2005 (including the free versions) which I really need for my work. I have been running Visual Studio and Outlook 2000 on the host machine and all other apps on the MojoPac. I can switch back and forth between the host and the MojoPac with a click. I am seriously thinking about using the VPN/Remote Desktop for normal work and using the MojoPac primarily for games. Either way, MojoPac is a very cool application.

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Martino said...

VC++ Express 2005 is working on Mojopac!